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Organic Macrobiotic Workshops

Organic Macrobiotic Workshops

We have conducted workshops in the past in New Delhi, Mumbai and Ladakh

Workshops conducted during an event are interactive and light hearted that include a presentation on macrobiotics and the organic food movement with a live demonstration of a macrobiotic dish(es). We propose to provide an organic macrobiotic (3 or 5 course) meal and if the hosting space permits we may provide and distribute informational pamphlets and the recipe details too. We will also be happy to organise a Flea market of farmers or organic food suppliers.

We have conducted organic macrobiotic workshops in the past in New Delhi, Mumbai and Ladakh at Zorba The Buddha, Infusion Studio, Teen Murthi Bhavan, Nirvaaha – Naturally pure and organic, Nehru Memorial Centre, Dastkar – Nature Bazaar, India International Centre, Mums at work, Summer House Cafe, Out of the blue, Aman Bagh, Piccoli Tortini and Tamakchik (Leh).

A quality check will be conducted by the team and Ms. Neha herself to ensure the authenticity of the food ingredients which are to be provided by the Hosting Venue.


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